Labour law

We provide competent support for employees in all matters of labour law.

  • You are looking for help because you received a termination of your employment contract?
  • Your employer has not paid you properly and you want to fight for your salary?
  • You have found a new job and want your working contract to be checked by a specialist before signing it?
  • Your employer wants to introduce short-time work (Kurzarbeit) and you want to know if he has the right to do so?
  • You will be in parental leave soon and want to know which aspects you should consider?
  • You need help because you are discriminated against or bullied at your workplace?
  • Your employer wants you to work unpaid overtime hours?
  • You are sick and fear to lose your job?
  • Your employer cautioned you and you want to know if you can react against it?
  • You got fired and want to fight for a dismissal wage?
  • You want to know if you have the right to work (more) from home?
  • You want your employment reference letter to be checked?
  • Your employer offered you a termination agreement and you want to know if you should accept it or not?
  • You want to know if the time limitation of your working contract is invalid?
  • Your employer pays less than the minimum wage?
  • You are afraid to get infected with the Corona virus at your workplace and want to know which rights you have regarding it?

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